Vertigo/ Dizzines

Our brains use signals from our eyes and our inner ears to help us keep our balance.  If our bodies are misaligned, that is, not in line with the functional design blueprint, then our heads are out of position and the signals being sent from the 3 semi-circular ear canals in each inner ear are in conflict with the signals being sent from the eyes.  The inner ears are telling our brains that we are about to fall, and the eyes are saying everything is fine.  (See how long you can stand up with your eyes closed.  Only 10 or 20 seconds?  Your head, and the rest of your body, are out of position).  The eyes will override the ears to keep us upright.

Bouts of dizziness occur when the brain tires of processing the conflicting signals from the eyes and the ears.  The eyes still override the ears, but the ears are sending stronger signals because the head position is so bad.

Positional vertigo occurs when the brain determines that the signals from the ears are so strong that it would be better to prevent us from standing up because the brain has determined that we will fall down if we do.

The way to correct these conditions is by getting the head back into the correct position.  Posture therapy is just the right thing.  4 simple exercises will reverse the dizziness.  See the Neck and Head chapter in Pain Free (1998) by Pete Egoscue.  Then contact Vrnda at Be Pain Free  to get your body into alignment and live the pain free life that is your birthright.