If you think that joint pain and reduced mobility are natural outcomes of aging, think again.  Egoscue University certified posture therapy from Pain Free Santa Fe can reverse the trend and get you feeling young again.

“Chronic musculoskeletal pain is symptomatic not of advancing and accumulating years, but of advancing and accumulating dysfunctions.”  Pete Egoscue, Pain Free for Women, 2002.

“The single most effective anti-aging tool available to us is a completely engaged, fully functional musculoskeletal system.”  Pete Egoscue, Pain Free for Women, 2002

The exercises that you will need to do to re-align your musculoskeletal system will be unique to you.  We will help you identify how your posture deviates from its original design, and then help you get on course to re-educate your muscles, stop the pain, and regain youthful energy.

“My husband is bragging that I look 10 years younger.  And last week he brought me flowers for no reason!”  Sue L, mid-70’s, session 15.

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