Rotator Cuff

Check out this great article from our colleague, Matt Waters, from Upward Spiral in the U.K.  It will help you understand that the site of your pain is most likely not the source of your pain.

A common cause of rotator cuff pain is postural misalignments that cause the shoulder blades to lose their ability to move freely.  If you move your arm, but your shoulder blade can’t pivot with it, you’ll get friction and impingement in the shoulder capsule, causing pain.  This YouTube video describes 3 easy exercises to reposition your shoulder blades.

To resolve this postural condition and prevent recurrences, not only must you free up your shoulder, you must bring your entire body into position so that the shoulder blade can move freely.

Posture alignment therapy provides the method to correct the positioning of your joints so that your body will align with its original functional design blueprint.  When it does, your pain will disappear.  Bringing your body back into its designed position will heal your pain.

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