If you are struggling with obesity, consider this.  If your musculoskeletal system is out of alignment, your peripheral minor muscles are doing work that they are not designed for (so they hurt) and they don’t create much heat or burn many calories.  If your body is in alignment, the deeper, stronger major muscles kick in and raise your metabolic rate.  The deeper, stronger muscles burn more calories.

Egoscue University certified posture therapy can help you get moving again without hurting yourself.  Once again, if your musculoskeletal system is not in proper alignment, your muscles are doing the wrong jobs, and they hurt. The muscles that are needed haven’t worked for a long time.  They can be stimulated to work with precise, targeted exercises based on your body’s current position, thus changing the way you hold your body and giving the overworking muscles that are doing the wrong job a break.  You’ve got to burn calories to lose weight, but you’ve got to get your muscles to work as they were designed to burn the calories.  You’ll get the added bonus of eliminating joint pain.

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