Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder syndrome can be corrected with posture therapy.  Neck misalignments (deviations from the blueprint design) are causing it directly, and the neck misalignments are often caused by and causing pelvic misalignment from the blueprint design.  Click on this 4 minute video for an explanation of what is causing your frozen shoulder.  After you watch it, be sure to click the back button to return to this site and learn about the cure.

Once you understand what is causing frozen shoulder syndrome, the way to correct the problem becomes clearer.  Egoscue certified posture therapy works for frozen shoulder for the same reason that it works for other conditions. Click on this to learn why posture therapy works  for conditions like this.

If you correct your postural misalignments, your head will sit correctly on your spine, supported correctly by your shoulders and pelvis, your nerves will work properly, your muscles will work properly, and your shoulder joint will be free.

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