Knee Pain

If you have knee pain, it may be because one or both of your thigh bones are pointing inward or outward instead of straight ahead.  Repositioning your thigh bone in your hip joint would allow your knee to heal itself.  This YouTube video from Rick Mathes, Clinic Director of Egoscue Austin has 3 easy exercises that you can try to relieve that pain.  It’s a sample, not a full program to realign your bones, but they may give you pain relief.  Do them all, in the order that he presents.

Another short video with Pete Egoscue, 2 exercises for knee pain:

And another video, 4:34 minutes with long-time Egoscue therapists John Elder and Brian Bradley.

The site of your pain is rarely the source of your pain. To understand what could be the root cause of your pain, follow this link to read about your body’s ideal position (posture) and for an explanation of why it is causing your pain: functional design blueprint. To address the root cause of your pain, schedule an appointment for a free posture evaluation.  Contact Vrnda at Be Pain Free to see if this method of healing can work for you. Would you like to get your body out of pain with simple exercises, into alignment, and experience health assurance?