Posture Therapy

What is EGOSCUE®?
Postural Alignment Therapy OR is based directly on the teachings of Pete Egoscue and the Egoscue Method of Posture Alignment Therapy as taught at The Egoscue University in San Diego, California.
Postural therapy, better known as The Egoscue® Method, is a whole body approach of corrective exercises designed to effectively resolve chronic musculoskeletal pain.
When our body experiences pain it is communicating to us that there is a problem with our body’s joint alignment and muscle-length tension relationship. Pain in one particular part of the body, (for example the back) is often the result of that area compensating for a problem somewhere else.
Made famous by best-selling author Pete Egoscue and taught at The Egoscue University, Egoscue Clinics and independent studios worldwide.
By analyzing your posture relative to it’s proper blue-print design along with careful coaching clients Postural Alignment Therapy OR receive customized corrective exercises designed to provide immediate and long-term relief.

Vrnda Leier and Egoscue
Vrnda found Yoga in her early twenties and became a lifelong student and teacher of the ancient art and science. She had suffered from scoleosis, hip and sacral pain, and found that although yoga did strengthen her, help lessen the pain, and alleviate it for periods of time, it did not entirely go away. Having tried most modalities of pain relief, The Egoscue Method was introduced to her by a bodyworker in 2007, saying he thought it could be helpful. Vrnda was immediately interested and felt at home with the Method, as it utilized many familiar yoga-based e-cises, implemented differently -fine-tuing them as therapeutic tools, and calibrated to pinpoint specific musculoskeletal functions that had been compromised. They were arranged sequentially to address each component of particular chronic pain…were easy to do and extremely effective. She began weaving them into her Yoga Classes, as an additional means of foundational alignment, necessary for the longevity of a pain free yoga practice.
Vrnda scope of proficiency in the healing arts is a vast wealth of experience, including Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Hakomi Body-Centered Practiitioner and Teacher of the Ron Kurtz Hakomi Method, second degree Reiki practitioner, Rest and Renew Trainer, a Raw and Living Foods chef and teacher and sculptress.

How does Postural Therapy work?
The therapy process begins with an initial evaluation to determine the postural alignment of your body relative to blue-print design.Posture photos are taken as a comparison model of your posture to the ideal “blue-print”. Function tests to isolate muscular compensations and dysfunctions and gait are also assessed. Then a customized set of corrective exercises is designed and taught to each client. The menu will be packaged up and sent home so clients can continue their corrective exercise menu at home until the next appointment. Postural alignment therapy uses your muscles to move your skeletal bones, and therefore the exercises gently change your posture. Until pain is completely abated, follow-up appointments will reevaluate posture and a new menu of exercises will be taught and given.

I do not bill insurance. Typically health insurance does not cover treatment, but many health savings accounts can be used.

Length of appointments?
The initial session usually lasts 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours, as pictures are taken, explanation of your photos and to answer additional questions. Subsequent visits are one hour.