Postural Yoga Therapy/Yoga Classes & Events

6 – 7:30  pm   Postural Yoga Yoga SOULutions  801 Forest Street,  Ashland, OR
Using the blueprint of the human body as a guide, this class will incorporate exercises cises (many of which are yoga-based ) to assist in understanding and eliminating the cause of problems, optimizing function, bringing about muscular balance and internal homeostasis. Emphasis will be placed on reducing rotation in the shoulders and hips – bringing them into vertical and parallel alignment to help alleviate and prevent reoccurring pain and injuries. Vrnda is certified by Egoscue University.

9:30-11 am
   Alignment  Focused (Level 1 & 2)
Rose Yoga Center (Iyengar Style) 685 A Street, Ashland

9:30 -11:00 am Gentle/Restorative Stress Relief
Yoga SOULutions 801 Forest St. Ashland

11-12:30 pm  Alignment Focused (Level 1 & 2))

Rose Yoga Center (Iyengar Style) 685 A Street, Ashland
5:30-7:00 pm Gentle/Restorative  Stress Relief (beginners & continuing)
at Ashland Yoga Center 4th & A St., Ashland, OR


A Non-Invasive, Postural Approach to Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain, Peak Performance and Peace of Mind

Monday August 14 6-8 pm at Co-op Classroom 300 N. Pioneer Street

with Vrnda Leier, EGOSCUE  University Certified

Postural Alignment Specialist, Advanced Exercise Therapy Practitioner

Yoga teacher

Explore how chronic pain can be treated naturally with simple and effective “e-cises, which are primarily yoga-based alignment exercises that provide non-medical pain relief. ”

Postural Yoga  supports rediscovering the body’s design and power to protect and rejuvenate itself, restore function and return to health.

It is your birthright to live a pain free and active life without limitations.”

                                                               –Pete Egoscue

To register call Vrnda 541 552 0108 or email