1.      I was not able to ski without significant lingering pain for the last half decade, or run, or play basketball. I lived in 24/7 discomfort and “phantom” pain that restricted mobility, and took an incalculable mental toll. I perpetually spiraled into a negative mindset, believing my body could no longer handle impacts sports. Until I found Egoscue, I believed my best bet was pain management for the rest of my life. I am 24.Vrnda’s menus have helped me mold a much stronger, and yet more gentle spirit, rescue a positive outlook towards activity, and mature a firm commitment to a daily restorative practice. In two and a half months, I am now 95% without pain, can ski multiple days, run semi-frequently, and play basketball daily. I can sleep much more comfortably and that is 100% attributable to Egoscue’s sensitivities to bodily incongruencies, with E-cises designed for each and every ailing area.I cannot thank Vrnda and Egoscue enough for showing me a means to shed the pain that had infected my body, mind, and spirit and re-energize a commitment to my mobility and wellness.
    Doug L., 24
    (Zoom client)
  2.      My experience with Vrnda and Postural Therapy has been life changing. I was in the mind set that I would need hip replacement and eventual knee replacement because of chronic discomfort. I remember being in Louisiana for Mardi Gras 2 years ago and wishing I could kick up my heels like all the Cajuns I saw. I felt my dancing days were over. But after 9 sessions, I have signed up for a dance/movement class because I am pain free and much more mobile. Working with Vrnda has been a blessing. When an exercise was not clicking with me and I developed an attitude towards it she either adjusted it or took it out of the menu completely. She then searched for the right exercises to fit my needs and my likes, while still having the effect we were looking for. So I had no dread of coming to a session and saying I hated doing a certain exercise because we were able to work together to create menus that worked just for me. The photos of my alignment were a shock to me when I first saw them. I tried to tell myself that I could have stood straighter. But the photos do not lie. I was out of alignment in ways I could never imagine. The 4 week pictures were a dramatic reinforcer that I was doing the right thing for my body.
    I love that I stay in the positions for a length of time because I can then pay attention to how my feet touch the ground, how my shoulders feel, how my alignment is changing. I think my body awareness is a big benefit of the practice. I now focus my mind on my alignment with the earth and straighten my body before I even get out of bed, then when I get up I stand still for a bit and breath in the energy of the earth to straighten my body. It is a powerful experience in the morning. Meditating during my practice has made this a fluid and enjoyable part of each morning.
    Namaste and thanks so much.
    Love and Peace,
    Certified health promotion director/photographer
    Ashland, OR

2.      I am a 54 year old healthy male with Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease.  I
have stenoses at three levels in my neck and my surgeon says that fusing all
three vertebrae is the only option to eliminate my pain.  Being fairly
young, I was determined to find another option to surgery.  A yoga friend
recommended I buy the book “Pain Free,” by Pete Egoscue.  I read the book
and was convinced that a properly aligned spine and posture might take some
of the pressure off the stenoses in my neck.  I contacted Vrnda Leier,  who is certified by Egoscue University as a Postural Alignment Specialist and Advanced Exercise Therapy Practitioner who lives in Ashland.
After 15 sessions with Vrnda, who is also a yoga teacher, my mobility/range of motion has returned tonormal and my pain level has dramatically decreased — I even have some good days with no pain.  During my initial consultation, Vrnda took a photo of me
standing against a wall from various viewpoints.  When looking at the photos
on her laptop, I was shocked to see how far over to one side I was standing.
I always thought that I had a pretty good posture, so this was a real
surprise.  During these one-on-one coaching sessions, I have learned the
importance of all aspects of posture — from head to toe — and how
everything is interconnected.
Vrnda is extremely insightful in observing my progress and adjusting each
exercise to my own personal needs and limitations.  Each  she created 
tailored exercise menus for me, available with my own personal login
at egoscue.com.  In my determination to avoid surgery, my dedication to
following these exercise menus every day is paying off.  My “crooked”
posture is straightening out — my body is literally changing as I relearn
how to sit, stand, walk.  Over the last few months, I have been acutely
aware of other people’s posture and truly believe that everyone would
benefit from Postural Therapy..   It brings me joy to address my pain today and to
position myself to avoid injuries and surgeries in my future.
Dan Durant,
Restaurant Owner,

3.     Vrnda,
     I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have your help in regaining my life.  There are few people in this world who are TRULY giving of themselves… it’s refreshing to know someone like you again.   I respect your view on the Universe and have, at times, lived my life in such a way.  So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Not to mention my back thanks you too!  I am still enjoying a pain free back this evening!

4.     I LOVE the Postural Therapy exercises, and do them every day, I really notice a difference. And my knee which was blazing in #10 pain, is totally died down now (thanks to no hills in Florida, and my e-cises). I am sharing the book around and also your Skype services. Keep up this valuable work….you are a true healer Vrnda.
love you,