What is a functional design blueprint?

The Pain Free method of posture alignment therapy is based on the blueprint of the human body.  By overlaying the functional design blueprint over the actual posture of the client, the misalignments are identified, and the path to correcting the misalignments is clear.  There is no guesswork.  The path is different for each individual.This blueprint is the gift of your ancestors.  Humans evolved this musculoskeletal system, and because of its incredible functionality, we survived.

The functional design posture of humans looks like this:


Looking at the front view, notice the perfect symmetry between the right and left sides.

In both the front and side views, notice the vertical, straight lines that intersect the load joints – the ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders.

Again in the front view, notice the right angles between the load joints and the corresponding joint on the other side.

In the view of the spine, notice the “S” curve. This “S” curve allows us to move smoothly.

If you are in pain, chances are your posture does not look like the blueprint that your ancestors gave you. Your deviations from this design posture are what is causing your pain.  With deviations, the chain of muscles – kinetic chain – are disrupted.  They are no longer in the position they are designed to be in.  When the muscles are not doing their respective jobs properly, pain ensues.  It’s the Position, not the Condition that is causing your pain!  The source of your pain is not usually the site of your pain.  The condition will clear up when the position changes.  Be Pain Free will show you how to use posture therapy to change your position, and thus, stop your pain!  Contact Vrnda to find out if this method will work for you.